Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Webinar Notes: "Incubate Leadership @ Your Library"

I am catching up on older notes I have taken that I wanted to post here. This WebJunction webinar (link to archives, so on) gave me a few ideas I wanted to remember. So, here we go. Any comments of mine are in parenthesis. The event took place on October 16, 2012:

  • Learn how to learn. Take control of your own learning process (not terribly new as I think about, but an idea that bears reminding. No one is going to do it for you. However, if once in a while, the higher ups were a bit better about funding certain things, you know, the whole "put your money where your mouth is," that would be nice too).
  • An idea I definitely liked and one I should consider implementing: writing a learner biography (I've had to do things like literacy autobiography and even teaching autobiography, but this would be a nice way to turn things around): 
    • Include details of experiential learning. 
    • Link to other learners and mentors. 
    • The document can be/will be organic and fractured. 
    • Case study, life cycle of the learner.
    • Most "impactful" learning.
    • Learning objectives with measurable outcomes and results. 
  • Defining leadership. 
    • Leadership is not about roles. It's about the action of leading. 
    • On the idea of being leadership-challenged, questions to ask: 
      • Do you and your organization nurture leadership potential?
      • Do you or your staff shun leadership opportunities?
      • Do you limit opportunities for others to lead? 
  • On mentoring, the notion of formal (with institutional support) and informal (simple arrangement between two parties) mentoring is a common myth. 
    • Useful definition: Peer mentoring is a "forum for mutual exchange i which individuals can both learn and share." 
  • Libraries as learning organizations. However, in focusing on patrons' needs (which are important), we often neglect our own individual and organizational needs. 

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