Thursday, July 29, 2010

Brief note on article about research assignments (link to post on Alchemical Thoughts)

First, the rant: Another day, another crappy day using Blogger. As if things were not bad enough (it would not save the draft I typed originally. I honestly do not know what's up with the "save, won't save" nonsense), apparently when you type it in MS Word (especially newer versions of Word), the process injects all sorts of XML bullshit into the code that Blogger does not recognize. This naturally drives the system nuts, and I have to either spend time going through the code to remove it or just post the item elsewhere and link it here (assuming of course this gets through). Thank you Mr. effing bastard Bill Gates for making your software more invasive, bloated, and annoying than it has to be. Thus endeth the rant.

You can find the actual post with my thoughts on a recent piece out of The Chronicle of Higher Education over here. Apologies to my two readers for making you jump another hoop.


Char Bohnett said...

All you have to do is remove the Meta and Link content out of your HTML copy in Blogger and everything will post fine.

You can also copy your Word text into notepad, copy it, and paste into Blogger.

Angel, librarian and educator said...

Char: I try that, the problem is it often puts so much code crap in it that just posting and linking seems easier than trying to remove it (when I copied off Word, it had more code in it than my actual text, some of it blended it with the text requiring me to literally dig my post out). Anyhow, for now seems changing editors may have solved it. We'll see.

Thanks for stopping by. Best, and keep on blogging.