Monday, February 16, 2009

Small display on the books that inspired Obama

In the fine librarian tradition of borrowing ideas liberally from other place, I have replicated the McNally Jackson list of Books that Obama has read. I pulled the books from our shelves, and I put a small shelf in our reading room with the books for patrons to peruse, and hopefully, check out. I also made a small brochure with the complete list. I like the idea that we have a president who seems to have done some reading and gotten something out of it. Plus, I think the display works nicely for Presidents' Day, though I did not plan it on that basis at the time. I wish some of the books were not so worn, but one works with what one gets. Maybe we can get them to circulate some more and get some more requests in the process.

My two readers can find the official write up in the library's blog.

Anyhow, just one of the little things that keeps this Outreach Librarian off the streets.

A hat tip to LIS News.

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