Friday, June 13, 2008

Article Note: On Rock Music Monographs

Citation for the article:

Berger, Monica. "Scholarly Monographs on Rock Music: A Bibliographic Essay." Collection Building 27/1 (2008): 4-13.

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This may be useful for academic librarians who do some collection development in music as part of their other collection development duties. In other words, not for the music librarian per se. More for the guy who does music along with other areas in humanities. For example, when I was doing Arts and Humanities work, this would be the type of work I would be looking for. This is basically a bibliographic essay that gives a look at monographs (i.e. books for our non-librarian friends) on the topic of rock music. It is mostly American focused. The article then is organized by themes such as historical overviews, the new musicology, and feminist and gender theory. The article shows that "academic writing on rock and popular music is approached using a very wide variety of methodologies and disciplines" (11). Use this as a collection building tool or as an evaluation tool to see how your collection fares in this regard. I know I am keeping a copy of it in my folders.

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