Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What I've Been Up To

In terms of the blog here, I did shorten the tagline under the title. Trying a bit of a new look in that regard. I also went ahead and took the time to add labels to the posts here (tagging). It was not perfect, but every post has at least one label. From here on, I can simply label them better. Doing that did give me a bit of time to look over some of my past posts, and it has given me some things to think about and revisit. I might write about that here at some point.

I have read a few articles, and I even got another LIS book read, which I reviewed over in my GoodReads profile (you can see that profile via the widget on the sidebar). One of the things I often come across with a good number of LIS books, especially ones dealing with L2 stuff, is that I already knew most of the stuff from following the librarian blogosphere. I think any librarian who does at least a minimum of keeping up will feel about the same. I suppose you still need books for those folks who need to learn and discover what many of us already take for granted. Yet at times I wonder why publish such books which will likely start going out of date as soon as they are published. At any rate, often I do get at least an idea or two I want to explore or remember, so it is not a total loss. As long as I am learning something new or get a chance to think a bit, I am ok.

Even though we are on Spring Break, the library is still open. It is a chance for me to get some work done, catch up on some things. Not quite sure if I am totally ready, but it feels like time to get back. Anyhow, we should be back in business shortly.

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