Wednesday, April 18, 2007

TLA 2007 Conference Notes, Day 1: Session on Role of Academic Libraries

Session: Robert W. Fernekes, "The Academic Library's Role as a Partner for Student Learning: Key Practices."

  • Accountability means we need to define/redefine librarian roles.
  • Libraries need to evolve with student needs. This is what library as place is about.
  • Evidence-based library practice. (I need to read more in this regard. While I am aware of this, it is not currently an area I am reading up on much. There is a conference on this. This year it is taking place in Raleigh, NC. It seems the previous conference has many of its papers online here. May be worth a look. I just get the feeling I should be exploring this more.)
  • Book reference: Rockman's book on information literacy. See my booknote on it here. (This is the book I said that my administrators and faculty should be reading but probably would not. Still waiting to see if they do or not)
  • Also, there is a book by Larry Hardesty on information literacy and the first-year experience which may be of interest. (Sadly, the presenter simply raised the books up quickly while he talked and did not provide full citations. I think it's this one.)
  • The closer we align to academic disciplines, the better.
  • The process to do this is time consuming. Creating assessment tools. Involvement in other campus areas. It may require renegotiating how (some) librarians spend their days/work.
  • (I've acquired a tutor role, whether positive or not that is a separate matter. It could probably be something more collaborative with faculty.)
  • "Best way to predict the future is to create it." (nice thought, until reality hits).

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