Friday, April 27, 2007

Article Note: A Checklist for Information Competencies

Citation for the article:

Klingberg, Susan. "Information Competencies Checklist: A Resource for Inter-Segmental Collaboration." Reference Services Review 34.4 (2006): 484-490.

Read via Emerald.

When I pick up a short article like this, what interests me is the checklist/tool/rubric the author(s) have created. I don't usually care much for how they got together, put aside their differences, and overcame to create it. I want the practical stuff. However, I did take a look at the article in this case because this is the kind of checklist we need in our campus. The checklist is helpful, to me at least, because it distills elements from items like ACRL standards.

I also found useful the list provided by the author on ways to use the checklist. From the article:

"The Checklist also has a number of practical applications at the campus level. It can be used as a resource to:

  • develop effective library assignment for academic courses;
  • determine IC skills taught in targeted courses (100W- Writing in the Major);
  • develop four0year IC programs with graduated mastery of skills;
  • develop assessments of students' information skills;
  • focus discussion at librarian professional development workshops;
  • include IC in student learning outcomes for academic departments; and
  • educate newly hired librarians and faculty" (487).
For us, we could be using a tool like this to check for skills being taught in courses like our ENG 1302 (Freshman Composition II), a course that is considered a bottleneck course in our campus. The course has a high failure rate for our students. My speculation is that if we could put some of these ideas into practice in the courses, that we might be able to have some impact in terms of retention. Right now, I only have a hunch it might help. It is definitely one of the things I would like to explore.

Links related to the article (for future reference):

Items from the article's notes:

  • The California State University's Info Competency Initiative is here.
  • Information Competency in California Community Colleges is here.
  • Colorado State University Libraries infolit website is over here.
  • And the University of Connecticut Libraries' infolit page is here.
  • Over here in the infolit website for New Mexico State University Libraries. (I am intrigued by the way this chart is organized with materials by standard).
  • "Library and Information Literacy Core Library Skills Grade 9-14+" (This downloads as a Word document. Comes from the Rochester Regional Library Council).

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