Monday, November 27, 2006

Article Note: Introductory Look at Blogging

Citation for the article:

Young, Michelle L. "Blogging: An Introductory Look at an Old Pastime in a New Medium." Library Hi Tech News Number 8 (2006); 27-28.

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Young provides a very brief overview of what blogs are and how they can be used. Initially, she connects blogs to other traditions of personal writing such as journals and diaries, but she goes on to show that blogs can be more. When asked why blog, here are some of her answers:

". . .to share your ideas, to share your personal interests with other like-minded people, to share your personal journeys and yourself with others, and to acquire new friends and simply stated, why not?" (27).

Those are some of the reasons I keep blogs, and I am sure people can come up with other reasons as well.

Young provides balance by discussing reasons not to blog. This is important. I think that the 2.0 crowd in their zeal at times forget that things like blogging are not for everyone. A big reason not to do it may be keeping your job if you have a less than friendly or less than open minded employer. In my case, my employer is aware that I have a blog. Some of my coworkers know as well. Now, whether they read it or not, I am not as sure. I know one of my coworkers has the blog on the aggregator, but otherwise, who knows?

Additionally, Young mentions that blogs have professional users as well. Young writes,

"You may want to consider using one for professional interactions with colleagues from around the world, project management, committee work when the committee is geographically distanced, classroom use as tools and online accessible information for students" (28).

This is a short and easy to read overview. In fact, it would have been a good handout for a group of education students I recently was working with in the library.

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