Friday, September 01, 2006

Bibliographies on animal rights and prisons

I know: those two topics sound pretty disparate. However, I found bibliographies on Animals: Ethics, Rights and Law and on Criminal Law, Punishment and Prisons. Please note the links open PDF files. These are put together by Professor Patrick S. O'Donnell of Santa Barbara City College.

A hat tip to the Leiter Reports. According to Leiter blog, the professor has other bibliographies, but I went to the link it provides to the school and could not find anything else as of this writing. Still, these two can make useful resources on the topics.


Patrick S. O'Donnell said...

Dear Angel,

If you e-mail at libertyequalitysolidarity.psod'at' (i.e., use @) I will send, as Word attachments, other bibliographies I've put together (yes, it's a motley*). I don't have a personal page and our dept. is currently changing its website, but the above address should still be found there. The bibliographies are of varying length. Some of them (those for Islamic Studies and Buddhism, for example, are available at university library sites for download, although they're a few years old).

Analogy and Metaphor;

Animal Ethics, Rights, and Law; (updated since Leiter Reports)


Capital Punishment;

Classical Chinese Worldviews;

Conflict Resolution and Nonviolence;

Criminal Law, Punishment & Prisons;

Democratic Theory and Praxis; (part of the 'praxis' section has been published in the journal, The Good Society, published by the Committee on the Political Economy of the Good Society [PEGS]; the 'theory' section is forthcoming in the same journal)

The Emotions;

The Ethics, Economics & Politics of Global Justice; (updated since Leiter Reports)


Islamic Studies; (an earlier draft of this bibliography should appear in an encyclopedia on Islam)

Israeli/Palestinian Conflict;


Understanding Science & Technology;


All the best,

Angel, librarian and educator said...

Patrick: Thank you. I think I will be doing that soon. Best, and keep on blogging.