Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Start of Fall 06 Semester

The first day of classes was yesterday, but I was a bit on the busy side to post about it until today. There is always something nice about having the students back, even if it means that the question du jour at the Information Desk is "how do I log in to the computer?" As one of my colleagues, who also lives for the return of the students, pointed out, a lot of these faces we won't see again. They just come in, get their log-in, and they will likely vanish until the end of the semester when something comes due. I know; I get to deal with a number of them during that time.

As for classes, I have gotten a few requests already. I gave a small talk to new adjuncts in English two weekends ago about the library and services, and I have gotten some of them already requesting instruction for their classes. As of this morning, I have classes already scheduled into October. Don't get too excited; it's not that many. They are just spread out. I will be teaching my first class of the semester, assuming the classroom is operational (trust me readers, you don't want to ask), a week from Thursday. Looking forward to it as I am anxious about trying some of the new tricks I learned over the summer at Immersion.

I am also writing some new content for our website, specifically, I am working towards making an actual Instructional Services page to bring together information about information literacy, our procedures, resources for the instructors as well as for the librarians, and most of our library guides for the students. In other words, and sorry if it sounds snarky, the type of stuff that most libraries have and apparently no one here thought about. I suddenly felt very aware of this lack as a result of Immersion. I have not quite figured out where I will put those things on the website. That's another story, but if I can start by making the resource documents and templates, I will have accomplished something. Oh, and then it's time to put out the newsletter, and then there are a couple other projects. So, it will be a busy month for me. Then again, this is the type of thing an instruction librarian lives for, so onward.

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