Friday, August 11, 2006

Looks like the libloggers are a healthy bunch

I just finished reading the August 2006 issue of Walt Crawford's Cites and Insights, which features his report on libloggers. Please note I link to the main page; readers can find their way from there. He has put together a nice long list of middle bloggers, so I will likely have to go back and see if I can make any additions to my feed reader. He always does a lot of work, which I find amazing anyone takes the time to run the metrics he runs. I am also humbled this blog made it to the list. So, if there are any new readers out there as a result, welcome. Feel free to stop by, read a post or two, leave a comment. However, there are many other great blogs out there, so go read them as well. From Walt's conclusion, which I think says what needs to be said:

"The major conclusion: As liblogs proliferate, they offer many more voices worth listening to. If you can’t find twenty or thirty blogs on this list that intrigue you enough to subscribe to, you either have a lot of feeds already or have narrow interests within the library field."

Best, and keep on blogging.

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