Friday, June 30, 2006

Mini-list of articles on plagiarism

This can be seen as part of the eternal struggle against plagiarism in academia. In reality, it is just a set of articles on my to read list that I want to read at some point, but I lack the time at the moment. I may add to this list over time since this is a topic of interest, even if reluctant interest. In other words, I have to think about it, be aware of it, and be able to deal with it, but as a former composition teacher, I can tell you it is not always something pleasant. These I acquired when I was doing some research to prepare a plagiarism guide for our students.
  • Kloda, Lorie, and Karen Nicholson. "Plagiarism Detection Software and Academic Integrity: The Canadian Perspective." Proceedings Librarians’ Information Literacy Annual Conference April 4-6, 2005 (found via the Resource Shelf blog. However, the link seems dead. Can get to the actual paper here.)
  • Lampert, Lynn D. "Integrating Discipline-Based Anti-Plagiarism Instruction Into the Information Literacy Curriculum." Reference Services Review 32.4 (2004): 347-355. (found via Emerald)
  • Liles, Jeffrey A., and Michael E. Rozalski. "It's A Matter of Style: A Style Manual Workshop for Preventing Plagiarism." College and Undergraduate Libraries 11.2 (2004): 91-101. (Requested via ILL)
Update note (7/11/2006): Michael Lorenzen, of The Information Literacy Land of Confusion, wrote an essay on a librarian's view of plagiarism that includes a bibliography.

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