Friday, May 05, 2006

TLA Conference Notes, Day 3: Session on Students and Academic Ethics

Title: "Students and Academic Ethics."
Presenters: Claire Gunnels, reference librarian; Monica Rabel Norem, reference librarian; and Tracy Williams, instruction librarian. All are from Cy-Fair College, North Harris Montgomery CCD.
Note: Materials from the presentation as well as a few extras can be found at Ms. Williams' site here.

This was an interactive session where the presenters demonstrated one of their teaching techniques using members from the audience.

Some reasons to teach about ethics.
  • The 2003 Survey of Student Engagement found that 87% of students observed cutting and pasting of material without attribution.
  • 1993 and 2001 studies found dishonesty was an ingrained attitude, not situational.
Why librarians can help.
  • They are advocates and experts in citing sources.
  • They can serve as an objective third party to present ethical issues in the classroom.
  • It is part of getting all campus groups involved. The "it takes a village" approach.

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