Friday, May 26, 2006

Quick Booknotes on Some Graphic Novels

I recently read a bunch of graphic novels. These were fast reads, and to be honest, writing up a full booknote on each seems more work than I have time for. However, I do want to point them out to readers, and I will make some brief notes on each. These I borrowed from my local public library:
  • Geoff Johns, Teen Titans: A Kid's Game. DC Comics (2004). ISBN: 1-4012-0308-6. If you are expecting the little kids from the Cartoon Network version, this is the wrong volume. This features the teen titans coming together under the tutelage of older heroes. Former titans Cyborg and Starfire bring together a new group of heroes who must now confront the assassin mercenary Deathstroke and learn to work together. Good art and great story.
  • Christopher Moeller, JLA: A League of One. DC Comics (2000). ISBN: 1-56389-923-X. This is one is similar in art style to the DC Fables series. I wrote a booknote on one of the books in that series here. When Wonder Woman receives a prophecy about an ancient dragon, she decides that the only way to defeat the beast is to confront it on her own. To do so, she will have to betray the rest of the JLA team. It was good, but other JLA volumes are better in my estimation.
  • Frank Miller, et. al. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear. Marvel Comics (2003). ISBN:0-7851-0046-6. This one is part of Marvel's Legends Series. Miller provides an excellent retelling of Daredevil's origins. This is definitely one of the best graphic novels I have read so far. If you enjoy Miller's other works, such as his works on Batman, you have to read this one. Readers can find my note on another Miller graphic novel here. By the way, it is an origin tale. Readers will not just see Daredevil jumping in right away. Overall an engaging and at times moving tale. If the Hollywood powers had done this story instead of the whimpy thing they did do, maybe the box office would have been better. Then again, this story may be too good for Hollywood. I cannot recommend this one enough. Miller's works are definitely among the few in the graphic novel category that I would buy for myself.
  • John Wagner, Boba Fett--Death, Lies and Treachery. Dark Horse Comics (1998). I happen to like Star Wars, mostly the classic stuff, so I knew I had to pick this up. It collects three comic books. When Gorga the Hutt marries the daughter of a rival, trouble is in the air. It's up to Boba Fett, the legendary bounty hunter, to help clean the mess while doing his best to stay alive. The book has humor at times, elements of intrigue, and I found it amusing. If you like Star Wars, you will likely like this one. For casual readers, it is a quick read.

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