Friday, May 12, 2006

Booknote: Ultimate X-Men, Vol.4: Hellfire and Brimstone

Title: Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 4: Hellfire and Brimstone
Author: Mark Millar
Publication Information: New York: Marvel Comics, 2003
ISBN: 0785110895
144 pages
Genre: Fiction
Subgenre: Graphic novels and comics, science fiction, adventure

This volume compiles issues 21-25 of the Ultimate X-Men series, and it comes right after the events from volume 3 World Tour. Marvel Girl begins experiencing strange visions of an entity, known as Phoenix, threatening to take over her. The X-Men have to deal with a tragic death from the previous episode as Professor Xavier reopens the school. Towards the end, a villain that seemed to be vanquished is poised to return. The irony is that the villain's return is due to one of the X-Men teens unwittingly revealing a secret online (nice take on the risks of online chats). This volume introduces a new character, Kitty Pride. The art seems a bit spotty when compared to previous volumes. I can't quite describe it other than to say that some of it seems too close to that style some of the cartoons in Cartoon Network use, which is not quite anime and a bit on the cute side (the Teen Titans on Cartoon Network would be a close example of what I mean). This seems to throw off the rest of the otherwise good art from previous volumes , but it is still a good issue overall. The story is still solid and engaging. The volume sets things up nicely for later issues.

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