Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Booknote: Ultimate X-Men, Vol.2: Return to Weapon X

Title: Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 2: Return to Weapon X
Author: Mark Millar
Publisher Information: New York: Marvel Comics, 2003
ISBN: 0-7851-0868-8
Genre: Fiction
Subgenre: Graphic novels and comics, adventure, science fiction

This volume compiles the series #7-12. Even though I have been reading some of these out of sequence, due to the fact I am borrowing them from my local public library, they are a pleasure to read. In this installment, our heroes are captured by the Weapon X program, a super dark ops organization with the goal of using the mutants as weapons. These were the people that trained and enhanced Wolverine, and now he has to face them again in order to rescue the rest of the X-Men. There is a lot action in this one, enemies join forces against a common foe, and there are elements of conspiracy. Fans will not be disappointed in this installment to the series.

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