Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just a reminder that we are a bridge

My readers may know that I try to steer clear of the whole L2 meme and related topics. Not because I lack thoughts about such topics, just staying within the blogger pledge. One of my thougths is that I think the dwellers of Mount Ubertech can often forget about those who dwell at the foot of the mountain. Rather than go on, I will simply put these words from the Feel-good Librarian, who always has this way to remind us to remain humble and to remember what is really important in our profession. In this instance, the Feel-good librarian reminds us not to be the weakest link. Please do go over and read the complete post. This is the reminder I want to keep for myself. The librarian wrote:

"Technology should be a bridge to information, not a barrier. If your card files are gone, remember:

We are the bridge. Hold their hands and take them across. We are all links in a chain to information: us to the files, them to their families. Don’t be the weakest link."
There are times when we will have to hold the patron's hand (sometimes quite literally) in order to provide the service and/or information. At the end of the day, technology is a tool. It is up to us to help others make use of that tool. We can choose to do so by serving as a bridge, or we can alienate others by making it a barrier in the form of alienation or segregation. I am choosing the bridge. Won't you come across as well that we may walk the trail together? Just a thought.

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