Friday, April 21, 2006

Booknote: Ultimate X-Men, vol. 1: The Tomorrow People

Title: Ultimate X-Men, vol. 1: The Tomorrow People
Author: Mark Millar
Publication Information: New York: Marvel Comics, 2001
ISBN: 0785107886
Genre: Graphic Novels and Comics
Subgenre: Science fiction, adventure

This is the first volume in the compilations of the Ultimate X-Men series. I previously read volume 5, and readers can find my booknote for it here. The volume collects series #1-6. This is the part of the series that starts it all with the story of how the American government launches the Sentinel program in order to eradicate anyone who has mutant DNA. The interesting thing about this series is that it presents the heroes as teenagers, except for characters like Professor X and Magneto, who are adults. The idea for Marvel, and this is explained in a note at the end of the volume, was to create something new with known characters that would appeal to teenagers without messing with the continuity lines that long time fans admire. Long time readers of comic series like this know that characters mature, grow, age, and so on, and they can be very vocal if something disrupts this. Continuity can mean that new readers may find some comics harder to access, since they would not know the previous storylines. So, Marvel created series like this to entice new readers by allowing to discover the characters without needing prior knowledge. I think they succeeded in creating something that both teens and adults like me can find appealing. I have read comics here and there, so I was familiar with the X-Men, but I do think people coming to this for the first time will enjoy the experience. In fact, for anyone looking for a reason to read comics like X-Men, this may be a good entry point. The art in this series is very good, and the storylines are very engaging and fast pace, making these volumes fast reads. Characterization is excellent as well. This is the one that sets up the other ones, which I will try to find as well. I highly recommend this series.

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