Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Top Ten Reasons to Read Narrative Nonfiction

This comes from Burgin's Nonfiction Readers' Advisory. Readers can find my note on the book here. I just liked this list, so I am putting it here to share with others as well as to have it for myself. Any parenthetical references come from the Burgin book. The list itself is on page 215.

"Top Ten Reasons to Read Narrative Fiction"

  • To indulge your curiosity.
  • Because real-life stories can be as exciting as fiction.
  • Because it "bridges those connections between events that have taken place and imbues them with meaning and emotion" (Nieman Foundation, 2000).
  • Because you have a personal or emotional connection with the subject matter.
  • To be inspired, touched, moved, or entertained (Goudsblom 2000).
  • Because it makes history come to life.
  • To learn something new, be challenged intellectuallym or be exposed to new ideas.
  • Because it transports you to another time or place.
  • Because the quality of the writing often rivals the best fiction.
  • Vicarious experiences--you don't have to climb Mount Everest yourself!
Why would you read narrative nonfiction? I know I have a few reasons myself, what are yours? And if you don't read nonfiction, why not take a chance then?

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