Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A little bit of rock and roll (on DVD)

The Collection Development Librarian brought me a copy of Time-Life's History of Rock 'N Roll. This is the volume that features the documentaries "Britain Invades, America Fights Back" and "The Sounds of Soul." I am watching it just to make sure the DVD is fine before it gets processed for circulation. The first documentary covers from the British Invasion by the Beatles, followed by the Rolling Stones and others, and it then looks at how America responded and the various groups and acts. This was a time where image and looks were as important, if not more important, than the music, according to some. The second documentary looks at soul music, its roots, its influences, its sounds. I found it interesting watching both documentaries back to back because all these different musical sounds and movements were happening close to each other, at the same time. And yet, very often, we think of the Rolling Stones on one end and of Motown on another end without touching each other. What these documentaries reveal is that the influences and currents went back and forth. The documentaries include narration, mostly through short memoir and interview features with performers, producers, and entrepreneurs, and it includes music clips. Unfortunately, the music is only is short snips; you don't get the whole song on the documentary. The DVD includes additional features such as interviews. I think for many it may just inspire them to go find the music.

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