Monday, January 09, 2006

Jaime Bayly says revenge is a good literary stimulus

Peruvian writer Jaime Bayly was interviewed for the December 2005 issue of Críticas. I think the interview gives a few good insights for writers and readers. The interview addresses his new work as well other issues. I really found this question and answer particularly neat:

“My best revenge is to publish novels that embarrass my father,” says Beltrán [a character in Bayly's new novel Y de repente un ángel]. Is revenge a good literary stimulus?

"Yes, of course. Writing means nothing else than avenging the wounds, defeats, and torments that life has inflicted on you. Writing is revenge because it allows you to relive the past and to experience, in fiction, those things that reality took away from you. But writing is also redemption because it liberates you from your worst demons. You make amends for your wrongdoings and, in a way, after so much agony, you feel renewed."

I dabble a little in fiction, nothing worth showing the world, but even in my creative nonfiction and other writing experiences, I can agree that you can relive the past and experience things reality may have taken from you. The best thing is that redemptive power of writing Bayly describes. Writing can renew you; it can help you see new things and find yourself. It's just great, and now and then, you can get even with some people, hehe.

As the Spanish selector, I have been ordering Bayly's works. I have not had time to read them as they come in, but as soon as I do, I will certainly make notes. I am really looking forward to discovering his works.

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