Monday, January 23, 2006

Booknote: Superman: True Brit

Title: Superman: True Brit
Writers: Kim "Howard" Johnson and John Cleese
Artists: John Byrne, Mark Farmer, and Alex Bleyaert
Publication Information: New York: DC Comics, 2004
ISBN: 1-4012-0022-2
Genre: Graphic novels
Subgenres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Humor

What would happen if Superman had landed in England and was raised by very proper English parents who emphasized that it was not proper to stand out in a crowd? One answer is this very funny graphic novel. Colin Clark grows up to become a tabloid reporter while doing his best to keep his powers a secret. After all, his parents are worried about what will the neighbors think. However, you can't keep a good hero down even if his heroics don't always work out perfectly. The tale features great humor. The art is colorful and bright, reinforcing the humor in the story. For readers who want an entertaining work, this is recommended. I think Superman fans may appreciate the humorous take on the well-known tale of Krypton's son. Definitely not something to take seriously. I highly recommend it as I really enjoyed it both for the story as well as its small pokes at British society. I also think readers will enjoy the ending, a nice little twist I won't give away.

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