Monday, January 09, 2006

Booknote: Dewey Decimal System Defeats Truman!

Title: Dewey Decimal System Defeats Truman!: Library Cartoons
Author: Scott McCullar
Publication Information: Jefferson, NC: McFarland& Co., 1998
ISBN: 0-7864-0521-X
Pages: 95
Genre: Humor
Subgenre: Cartoons

I found this little volume while browsing in my local branch of the county library. I was looking for some graphic novels, which are shelved along with art books. Actually, I found a couple of graphic novels right when I walked in on a display, and I figured I would go to the stacks to see what else might be available. This little volume was tucked in the shelf. Being a librarian, I could not resist picking it up. It is a very light and quick read. Librarians will appreciate the humor in some of the situations. I think my favorite cartoon was the one depicting three reference librarians giving a score for a reference question, like in an Olympic event. The announcer says, "O-O-O-O, the judges didn't think much of that question. Low scores for the fact that he wanted the answer to a class-assigned research question, and that he waited till the last minute." I get that situation a lot in my library: students who wait till the last minute for a class assignment. It would be tempting to call out a couple of my colleagues with number posters and do that. However, no matter how last minute, we always strive to give them an answer, and at times, some reassurance they will be ok (even if they won't). The humor is light and offbeat, and the art is basic, in the sense of simple. But it will make librarians smile and maybe nod. I think other readers may appreciate it as well.

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