Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Booknote: Hanging out with the Dream King

Title: Hanging out with the Dream King: Conversations with Neil Gaiman and his Collaborators
Author: Joseph McCabe, editor
Publication Information: Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics, 2004
ISBN: 1560976179
Genre: Nonfiction
Subgenre: Interviews
Pages: 297

This is a collection of interviews with people who have collaborated with Neil Gaiman. The book opens and closes with interviews of Neil Gaiman, which serve to provide a frame to the rest of the book. Among the people included are Dave McKean, Kim Newman, Mike Dringenberg, Tori Amos, Alice Cooper, and Yoshitaka Amano. Since Gaiman is known for The Sandman, many of the interviews discuss this particular work and its characters. However, the subjects also include what it's like working with Gaiman, discussions about the comics and graphic novels trade and techniques. The illustrators talk about their craft, and the writers discuss their ideas and art. Many of these people know each other, which adds to the interest when they talk about each other as well as about Gaiman. Fans of Neil Gaiman's work will definitely want to read this book. Fans of comics and graphic novels will enjoy it as well. Also, readers wanting to learn a little about the work of these artists will find the book enjoyable. For many readers, they may feel the desire to get a copy of The Sandman or one of the many other works by Gaiman. In my case, I grabbed myself a copy of Marvel 1602. Stay tuned for the note on that later.

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