Thursday, September 01, 2005

What teachers, including me, want for their students

Through the Carnival of Education over at the Education Wonks, I found this entry submitted to the midway on what top teachers want for their students. You can find the list over at Polski3, who found it on the San Diego Tribune. This is an excellent list, and as I read it, I found that these have been things that over time, I have wanted for many of my students over time. Since I think it is an important and thoughtful list, I have taken the liberty to post it here as well:

1. Know you are important.

2. Have high expectations of yourself; establish personal goals and commit to
accomplishing them.

3. Ask questions, lots of questions, anytime, no matter what.

4. Treat others with respect.

5. Be good to yourself by getting enough sleep and making good choices when eating
and exercising daily, even if it is just walking the dog. It's a great way to
relax and help you focus on your studies. Try out for a sport at school.

6. Every day, share something you've learned with someone at home.

7. Try to be at school every day. If you miss school, you miss out.

8. Read every day, whether it's magazines or books. The more you read, the better
reader you become. Try to choose something new to read that you haven't tried
before; challenge yourself; explore.

9. Volunteer in your community; being involved will make you a better citizen
and a better student.

10. Have confidence; believe all things are possible; excel to the best of your

As a new school year starts, to all students at all levels, I wish you the very best. May you keep these ideas in mind as you move on in school and life. Polski3 also mentions that the article he read featured some additional suggestions to parents. Take a hop over there and read the rest. It should be required reading.

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