Friday, August 05, 2005

Things that annoy web surfers, or "hey, if you make a website, please don't do this!"

Through the Librarian in Black, a link to a list of the 16 things that really annoy most web users. In my case, most of them are about right. Pop-ups not as much a deal thanks to Firefox. The requirement to register to view anything is probably my biggest peeve, and unfortunately, it is something more and more online newspapers are doing. I often see if I can pick up a particular newspaper on a database like Lexis-Nexis or skip it since I don't like having to be giving out my information all over the place. I have not seen a lot of people with sites requiring an extra software install, but enough of them to find it annoying. Usually though, with Firefox, it handles that a bit better. As for those people who have to put some music to their site to be cute, in the words of Bob Newhart, in his doctor character, to a patient who had certain neuroses, "Stop it! Just stop it!"

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