Monday, August 08, 2005

Starting to read Don Quijote

The two copies we ordered of Cervantes's novel Don Quijote have arrived. I have checked out one for myself, and thus, I am ready to rediscover this great classic of Spanish fiction. We got the nice editions put out by the IV Centenario of Castilla-La Mancha and the Real Academia and published by Alfaguara (ISBN 84-204-6728-6). Since the edition has some introductory materials by various writers including Mario Vargas Llosa, I will take a look at those sections too. Actually, it appears to be a very nice edition, which I suspected from the reviews, so I will likely acquire a copy for my personal library down the road. It looks good, text itself is not too small, and it is a small book (even if thick), so easy to carry with me. I have made two previous posts about the novel and the fact that this year celebrates the Fourth Centennial of the novel. I will try to post now and then about my progress in this journey.

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