Monday, August 22, 2005

Start of Fall 05 Semester

Well folks, today is the first day of classes for Fall here on campus. I have already had a busy morning scheduling various classes for bibliographic instruction, and it looks like I will have a busyu week teaching next week. While I may be running a bit ragged at times from one session to the other, this is the type of stuff an Instruction Librarian lives for. Most of my day today will likely be spent on some preparation for classes. I have a small shift at the Reference Desk in the afternoon (lunch hour, so I guess I am having a late lunch today). With the start of the semester, I am not sure how up-to-date I can keep my blogs, but I will be shooting for at least two or three posts a week here, maybe one or two on the other personal blog. (Takes a pause).

Well, back to this little note. I just had an adjunct schedule her two classes. We take requests on e-mail, over the phone, through an online request form on our webpage, and in person (I joke around at times we pretty much take everything, including smoke signals, but I have not had any of those yet haha). So, teachers showing up at my desk is a pretty normal event for me. At any rate, I will have to see how the semester falls in place, and then how I manage to keep up with my writing. I do have a lot of ideas and some drafts, so it is a matter of, well, writing and polishing. So far, it is a nice morning, things are moving along, and I am glad to have the students back.

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