Monday, August 01, 2005

Booknote: Lula: Tengo un sueño

Title: Lula: Tengo un sueño
Author: Luiz Inácio da Silva (Lula)
Publication information: Barcelona (España): Ediciones Península, 2003
ISBN: 97-0651-848-7
Genre: Nonfiction
Subgenre: Public speaking/Oratory/Speeches
Pages: 91

This little book collects five of Lula's speeches: his victory speech after winning the election to the Presidency of Brazil, a speech at the 3rd World Social Forum, a speech to the World Economic Forum, another one to the G8 Summit, and one to the 14th Andean Presidential Council. All these speeches took place in 2003.

Lula's main theme is a simple yet strong one: that hope must overcome fear. This is the message he brings to his people and to the world. He calls for hard work from the people of his nation, and he calls for the developed nations of the world to help those in development fairly and equitably. Lula's task is not an easy one for he is the leader of a nation of 175 million people where at least 45 million live below the poverty line. Brazil is one of the largest industrial economies of the world, and yet it is also one of the poor nations of the world living with terrible social injustices including the specter of hunger and disease. His speeches are not mere calls to action, though he does that quite eloquently. He also outlines specific constructive proposals to gradually move his nation in a new direction where hunger is a priority of his administration and where his nation can gradually make progress. He proposes plans for reforms and social justice as he tells us that hope must indeed conquer fear. It is a large responsibilty he has embraced for his people.

Reading the speeches, the reader cannot help but hear the voice of a man with a dream. If he sounds like other great speakers like Dr. Martin Luther King, it is not a coincidence for Lula has his dreams as well, and in this book, he shares them with us. The speeches are moving at moments, and at times, the readers may feel strongly about the issues he raises, but that is the intention: to move others to action in order to make things better. This is a book I highly recommend. Unfortunately, for English readers, the book is not translated yet as far as I know.

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