Friday, August 12, 2005

Another post about annoying things: business buzzwords

Fans of the comic strip Dilbert are likely familiar with all the times the strip deals with business language. I was reminded of the comic strip when I came across this post in Adfreak linking to an article in Fortune about "Business Buzzwords That Make You Gag." I have actually heard a few of these at one time or another. The scary part for me is that some of them are often used in education; I knew administrators very fond of "dialoguing" with you to seek out "new paradigms" for that "vision" of the school. It is kind of creepy. Anyways, go over, read and cringe. Some of the comments people have left on both places add words. Maybe you can add your own words. And maybe I can write a book with the one I have heard.


Rikhei said...

It's amazing that people can use perfectly good words like "vision" to mangle the English language. I imagine you might also enjoy a site I found a few weeks ago called Weasel Words.

Angel, librarian and educator said...

It is amazing indeed how people can mangle the language. Maybe that is part of why I find language fascinating, the ways others can mangle it. Or, as business people often do, just make new words to obfuscate. Anyhow, the link is great, something other readers may want to look at as well. Thanks.