Thursday, July 21, 2005

A little note on writing posts for the blog

I just realized it had been three days since I posted here. It has not been for lack of ideas. Actually, I have at least one post draft in the cue waiting for me to refine it and a couple of other ideas for things to write about. However, the duties of work come first, and in the last couple of days, it got busy as I had to work with an online class through WebCT, had at least one student consultation, and a couple of other little things that came my way including a BI session I am doing next Monday. Now, by all means, this is not a complaint. I love my job; I love being busy and on the run at times, but sometimes they tend to all come at once. I guess what makes me take this moment to reflect is pondering about what is a good pace for posting and writing on the blog. I am not one to prescribe to anyone what they should do (as if I knew) let alone be someone to follow prescriptions. However, what I wonder is the issue of speed and timeliness in blogs, or at least as I have observed it.

There are some blogs out there dedicated to keeping up with news and articles. The work of such places, like Mr. Cohen and Mr. Bell is highly appreciated; it helps me keep up. There are other blogs that focus on issues like technology and so on. While I am technologically savvy, and I have some interest, I am certainly not a technolust person. And then, there are the wise ones out there (they know who they are) who make the pronouncements that the mortals like us link to as part of the learning process. Ok, so pronouncements may be a bit extreme, or not? So, where does that place me? I think at the end of the day it places me somewhere between where I want to be and where I would like to be. I am using this as a tool of reflection, as a learning instrument, as an aide to keep up with my profession, and as a way to look over some other related interests. Where would I like to be? I am not sure to be perfectly honest. At least not at this point in time. I like exercising my writing skills a little while thinking about various things. But I know I am not about to post every single day and more than one time a day. Some weeks I will, but some weeks will be more like this one where a couple of days go by. I come back, and it feels like I have been gone for a while. I then look at some of the drafts or notes I have made for myself to blog about, and I have to admit, I get of get a little overwhelmed. Not that much different from where I was writing for other deadlines. The difference here is that I make the deadline, so to speak. Ok, so there is no deadline other than try to get to it in a somewhat timely fashion. Hmm, I think I will let the gentle readers out there in on a secret. I like the flexibility. The uses I listed above give me a pretty high degree of flexibility, and while I hope someone out there finds it interesting, or at least mildly amusing, the reality is am I writing for myself and then for the profession. Hmm, sounds lofty, the profession. Am I saying this blog is my form of service? In a very small way, perhaps. But first, it is my way to make meaning, and making meaning and creating a little bit of knowledge takes time. Sometimes you have to let the ideas percolate before you bring them to life. So, if a day or two goes by, not to worry. We'll get there. Journeys are a matter of taking steps, and a lot of the fun is travelling rather than getting there.

So, in the meantime, what is on the cue? Well, reminders for myself really:

The whole Hillsborough, FL event about the Gay Pride display in a library

I have a new booknote coming up, and some ideas on the Reader's Rights

Some things on reading around the world

That WebCt class

Or whatever else tickles my fancy (hehe)

So, gentle readers, stay tuned. I know I will. I am having too much fun for one. And for another, I think I like these two thoughts about it:

  • One, E.L. Doctorow said, "Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go."
  • Two, Brenda Ueland, American educator, who said that "writing is not a performance but a generosity."
I can't think of better words to describe what it is I do. Best.

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