Thursday, July 07, 2005

Academic Journal features special issue on Terror Wars

CR: The New Centennial Review 5.1 (Spring 2005) is a special feature on the topic of "Terror Wars." It caught my eye because terrorism and related topics has become a popular topic in some of the freshman composition classes for argumentative research papers. In fact, I have even prepared a couple of pathfinders on the topic in response to the need. The journal may be of interest to students, but I think more to faculty looking for approaches to discussion as well as to learn about the rhetoric of the wars on terror. My library gets the journal through Project Muse, so if your library has Project Muse, they may already get this journal. I think of particular interest may be Yaseen Noorani's article "The Rhetoric of Security" that provides an analysis of the discourse of security used by the United States, and the Stam and Shohat article on anti-Americanism "Variations on an Anti-American Theme;" however, the other articles may be of interest also as resources for a student that may be looking at issues such as the language of the war, the rhetoric of terrorism, propaganda, and similar issues.


Drew M. Loewe said...

May I link to this post? My students and I are on a blog entitled "The Rhetoric of Security."

Angel, librarian and educator said...

Drew: Thanks for stopping by. Sure, if it helps your class, go right ahead. Best, and keep on blogging