Thursday, June 02, 2005

Working on the next newsletter

Our newsletter made a comeback last Spring, and I feel it is time for the next edition. So, I am in the process of gathering some materials together to put in it and make it an informative piece for the campus. The newsletter is meant for our patrons, so we don't really include staff recognitions or other things that would go in an internal staff newsletter. Since we have had a few changes in access policies, I have to include that, as well as hours, and other basic library information. But the newsletter also allows us to put various things on reading, instruction, searching techniques, and other little items of interest. I am having fun so far, even if I am doing it as I am balancing a couple other things. The Spring Newsletter can be found here, and as soon as the new one is out, I will likely put in the link.

Update Note (7/20/05): The Summer edition is finally here.

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