Friday, June 10, 2005

On Blogging Safely. . .

With all the recent news stories about people losing jobs over their blogs for various reasons, some of which I have noted here at one point or another, there is interest in "safe" blogging. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a very useful and clear article on blogging safely. Their main point is if you are going to blog about something sensitive (or anything for that matter), do so anonymously. It provides some very useful tips. Since for me, this blog is part of my professional as well as educational development, I don't feel a need to be anonymous. I do some posting while at work as I read some of the professional stuff, but I do quite a bit outside as well. And as far as I know, some of the people I work with know about it already, which is fine by me. I am at a point where I am more than willing to stand by what I write. If I ever decide to "dish", I am definitely not doing it here. Anyhow, a little more information that readers out there may find useful.

On an update note (6/14/05): The EFF has launched a Legal Guide for Bloggers. I found the link through The Blog Herald here.

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