Tuesday, June 21, 2005

High School Student Argues Against Banning of Books

Through LISNews.com, this link to a newspaper column written by Kaitlin Clark, a high school student in Durham, NH. She argues that banning books is not necessary. This piece is a good proof that you can trust young people when it comes to reading choices. The piece makes some good points, and it is well presented. Not only does she present her personal experience, but she also uses facts and figures from the ALA and other experts to reinforce her argument that book banning by school boards is unnecessary and a way to deprive students of their First Amendment rights. At the end of her column, she writes,

"Book banning shouldn't be an action to eliminate certain elements in reading, such as offensive language, racism, magic and/or wizardry. Besides violating our first amendment rights, it is impossible to ban everything that some believe. Every person is unique and this includes the choice of materials they like to read.

Let's respect diversity and stop banning books. Let us make our own choices about what we want to read. As long as we like what we're reading, we'll be readers. What's the problem?"

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