Saturday, May 21, 2005

Cronin Strikes Back

Just when I thought things had cooled off in terms of Gorman and Cronin, I find through the Lethal Librarian that my old dean is at it again. I was just casually looking over my blogs list when I came across the item. I am not going to add to it anymore because by now I don't think it worth it to grace him with an answer. I do however note that I am not in agreement with some of the uncivil insults he received, simply because I think using such lowers people to his level. I think good librarians and library students who blog, as well as other bloggers, are better than that. Having said that, he really should try to actually look at both the literature on blogging as well some well made objections to his remarks which he seems to ignore. He claims IU has been researching blogs for years, yet he gives the impression he has not looked over the research done in his own school. Anyhow, you can find the Lethal Librarian's note here, and you can find Cronin's editorial here. I will let the readers decide. also has a note, which I found at about the same time, so this tells me things are about to heat up again.

Update note: Readers can find a thoughtful note on this topic over at the Redhaired Librarian. And if people do the "ego-search" as she suggests, it looks like the topic will keep expanding. I found it day after this post.

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