Monday, May 23, 2005

Cronin-gate: It's the "gift" that keeps on giving

I wrote last time that it looked like things would heat up again. Through the Redhaired Librarian I found a good discussion of Cronin's latest. Of particular interest is how J. Michael Arrington, the author of the post, considers Cronin's lack of web etiquette and how the author actually takes the time to illustrate how the dean took a series of quotes from other blogs out of context to further his attack. It makes for very good reading, and it is much more compelling than anything I could write. So hop on over and read. Over the weekend, I was looking over some of the journals I get at home, and along with those, I saw the SLIS Alumni letter that had Cronin's first "pronouncement." (You can tell it takes me a while to look through some things). It just made me wonder how many SLIS alumni like me are actually reading that. What kind of impression does such a publication, geared to get alumni to donate money to the school, make on those potential donors? I would actually be interested to know if any alumni actually keep blogs and what do they think about their dean actually attacking their writing?

Heck, they are even blogging about this all the way in Australia, thanks to the explodedlibrary blog. I am sure Cronin may be thrilled with the attention. I think the fact that bloggers around the world are posting about it speaks more volumes than any attack the dean may throw our way.

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Michael Arrington said...

Thank you for linking to my site. This is a very interesting issue and I enjoy reading the various posts, which range from very passionate/emotional (mine) to the more reasoned/intelligent (yours).