Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Booknote: _Inventario Tres_

Mario Benedetti's book collects his poetry published between 1995 and 2001. The Uruguayan poet has arranged the volume by providing his most recent work first, then working backwards chronologically in the hopes that the reader will find his work accessible through the newest door and that the reader then may be tempted to gradually open other doors. He writes on various topics such as love, poetry, and even a poem on Windows '98. There is humor and whimsy and some reflective pieces. In his poem, "Guitarra," he writes about the guitar as a lovely woman. Among the books included in this collection is his 1999 Rincon de Haikus (Haikus' Corner), which features all sorts of little haikus with nuggets of insight, observations, and ruminations on life, love, peace, war, and so on. Unfortunately, as far as I know, Inventario Tres has not been translated into English, but various other books by Benedetti have been translated into English, and it would make good reading for anyone in the mood for poetry. For Spanish readers, yes, there are an Inventario Uno and an Inventario Dos.

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