Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Booknote: _En Esto Creo_

Carlos Fuentes has written a collection of short essays on various topics; these little pieces provide an insight into the writer's mind and beliefs, but they also provide some things for readers to consider and read about. The entries are arranged alphabetically, much like a dictionary or an encyclopedia, and topics range from amor (love) to educacion (education) to Zurich. For instance, on education, he writes (and I am translating from the Spanish right after), "La sabiduria clasica nos dice que de la diversidad nace la verdadera unidad. La experiencia contemporanea nos dice que el respeto a las diferencias crea la fortaleza de un pais, y su negacion, la debilidad" ("classical wisdom tells us that true unity is born from diversity. Contemporary experience tells us that respect for differences creates strength in a nation, and its negation [creates] weakness") (62). Overall, the book is recommended for anyone wanting insight into this great writer, but it is also recommended for anyone wanting to read a little about all sorts of topics. En Esto Creo is available in English translation, usually under the title This I Believe: An A to Z of a Life.

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