Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A bit on trading card art

Gale's Arts & Humanities Newsletter had a little piece by Tom Pendergast on the merits of trading card art. He writes about his son collecting the cards, and in the process, tells a little about the phenomena of trading cards. It makes a nice little note for those who may not know much about it, but it is also something that parents out there who have kids who collect cards of some kind (Magic: The Gathering, Marvel, Yu Gi Oh!, etc.) will likely appreciate as well. And in case anyone is wondering, I have a small Magic: The Gathering collection started after someone got me a starter set. I do have to admit that they do have pretty good art. Anyhow, you can find the article here. The Gale Newsletter is one of those little newsletters that librarians now and then get from publishers mostly for them to market new products. Gale's newsletters now and then feature little interesting features as well.

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