Friday, April 15, 2005

Tax Day, and other thoughts.

Well, it has been another quiet Friday here at the library. If people are running around trying to get those forms filed on time, I have not noticed them here. I got mine sent out this morning. With the move, it took a bit longer for me to get some W-2's from out of state. I am glad I live in a state with no income taxes, so it means just the Fed form next year. Then again, if we did away with income taxes altogether, that would be nice, but it is wishful thinking I know.

As usual every so often (I think officially every other Friday), we had a librarian meeting today. Dogbert had a nice line about meetings once. I wish I had the strip handy to post a link. In the strip I have in mind, Dogbert is writing a book on management, and one of his pieces of advice when Dilbert asks about time management is to postpone meetings with time wasting morons. When Dilbert asks how he can accomplish that, Dogbert simply says to him "Let me get back to you on that." While I am not implying in any way that my coworkers are morons, meeting for two hours, sometimes three, on a Friday morning to discuss things which at times could be distributed in a memo seems, well, a bit of a waste of a fine morning. But life goes on. From the University Planning folks, we learn through the director that it looks like funding may be tighter than first expected. She does not want to sound pessimistic, but I think the rest of the librarians see the writing on the wall. We shall have to just wait and see.

The afternoon has been very slow, and at the last hour, the library is practically quiet save for a few students in the computer area (five of them to be exact). One patron came in asking for a tape to learn Spanish, and we had a nice set of Spanish learning CD's in three volumes. She took the first volume. I had one teacher from one of the local public schools looking for information on our MAT programs, which I provided for her, and I gave her the hours for the School of Public Service, which houses the MAT program. Unfortunately, they work the usual 8-5 M-F schedule, and it was almost 5:30p when she came in. While she got some of what she needed from the website, she was a bit dismayed they had closed over there because she is after all, a public school teacher in class all day, and getting to the campus is not easy. I could not agree more. I still remember when I taught public school myself. You never get out at 3:15p on the dot, or whatever similar time is the bell time. Often teachers have to work after school, so getting anything done during business hours is next to impossible unless you take a day off or such. And while we offer night classes, maybe the business office for the MAT program should open a bit later too. Hey, just an idea.

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Mystique said...

Hey Gypsy. I enjoyed scanning through your blog. What a coincidence, I used to work at a university library with librarians around.:) I have not read Coelho's other books. If you come across anything interesting, do let me know. I am always up for a good read. Thanks for stopping by my blog and do visit again.:)