Monday, April 04, 2005

On the librarian candidate that visited on Friday

I did not quite have time to jot down some thoughts on the candidate we had on Friday. I had noted in an earlier blog entry that we are in the process of looking for another librarian and that a candidate had been invited to interview last Friday. Well, it is Monday, and she came and went as they say. Overall, the lady has an impressive as well as extensive resume that includes experience overseas as well. She currently does a broad range of tasks at her current job from webmaster to library catalog administrator to periodicals and acquisitions. She works in a smaller setting than ours, so wearing the multiple hats is not uncommon, although it is likely very taxing. In the scheme of things, our job must seem like a relief to her since it is a more focused position. I mentioned as much to one of my colleagues. I only met her briefly during the open forum and during a short meeting with the Reference staff. I am not part of the search committee, so my exposure would be minimal anyhow, but I came out with a very positive impression. She seemed a bit nervous during the interview process, and this is confirmed by other colleagues who met with her throughout the day. But heck, I was nervous myself when I went through the interview process. One of my supervisors I think said it well when she said it was likely that the candidate had not interviewed for a job in a while, which means she has not had the practice or time to build the "narrative" of her life and achievements so to speak. I could not agree more for you do build a "narrative" of yourself that you wish to convey to others when you go out and interview. I am still fresh enough out of the process that if I had to go interview for a new job, not that I am planning to, but if I had to, I likely could do it with ease with some minor modifications to what I did before. However, if I had five to eight years at the same place and had to do it again, I would have to practice a bit more, at least do the "in front of the mirror" routine a bit more. If that is the only thing that people noticed, I don't think this person would have a problem getting hired. She seems sincere in her desire to come work for us, and I think she would fit in with the team quite nicely. So, we'll see what the brass decides.

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