Monday, April 25, 2005

Booknote: _On Bullshit_ (2005)

A little book on a subject almost everyone knows about because we have likely done it at one time or the other. The book is really an extended essay on the nature of bullshit written by Harry G. Frankfurt, a moral philosopher now emeritus at Princeton University (that means retired for those of you not in academia). There is no humor involved here. The conclusion: in essence, bullshit is short of lies, but not quite. This is strictly an academic essay that compares bullshit to other similar activities like lieing to conclude how bullshit is a unique phenomenom. Interesting, but not something I would recommend others to rush and read. It is written in academic language, meaning it is not really accessible to most lay readers. But at 67 pages, I was able to read it on my commute back home. So, at least it is a quick reading.

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