Thursday, March 17, 2005

The first post

I suppose we have to start somewhere. Making a blog is one of those things I have been meaning to do for a while now, but I never quite got around to it. One excuse was that I would not have the time. Another excuse was that I would not have anything to write about, let alone anything interesting anyone would want to read. I am sure I am not the first one to have such thoughts when it comes to blogging. Then again, they are the thoughts a writer often has about his craft. I know because I am a writer myself. Oh, I am not someone who is famous or such, but I have done some writing here and there academically and personally, so I have an idea. At any rate, I attended a small workshop yesterday about blogs. The presenter discussed what blogs were, how they can be useful for everything from putting up pictures of the family dog to educational practices. After the workshop, I figured I would finally give it a try, so here I am, my first blog.

It may be my first blog, but it is not certainly my first writing. As I mentioned, I have done writing before, and I continue to this day to keep a personal journal. I don't write on it every single day; work and daily life kind of prevent that, but I write often enough to practice and put some ideas down. I am hoping this will be an extension of my writing. Or maybe, blogging will be a new way to explore writing and develop ideas, maybe find a small epiphany here and there once in a while. And if anyone out there actually reads it, well all the better. So, what can I write about?

For one, I can write about books. Not just because I read a lot, which I do, but because I am an academic librarian, so I am exposed to books as well. I have the good fortune that I get to see the new books that come in first before we put them out to the public. I get to pick and choose books that may interest me, so I have a small stack of books to read on my desk, and I am always reading at least one or two books at any given time. I think you have to have things to read based on your mood. Very often then I have a fiction book and a nonfiction book handy. So for one, I am thinking this blog may contain musings and such about what I read.

I also take small trips now and then. I think I inherited the "gypsy" spirit from my father, who enjoyed very much to get in the car and drive, see where he got, you know, no particular place to be? I like that. I am the type who would rather drive than fly. The fact airline service just goes from bad to worse I am sure does not help to maintain that preference. But the main reason I prefer to drive is that I can pull over and look around. If I am on a highway, and I see a sign for the local Museum of Pickles (I just made that up, but I would not be surprised if there is such a thing), I am liable to pull over and take a look. I like hitting the road now and then just to see what is out there. So for two, this blog will likely feature some more musings about the little places I visit now and then.


. . .I just got pulled from my desk. It is St. Pat's, and the staff at Technical Services are having a small gathering with plenty of food. So I just left for a few moments to get some. But as I sit at the conference table back there, and I look around the table, I see it is not just about the food, which is good. It really is about the company, about being together, about taking a little bit of time out of the workday to simply relax a little and realize it is going to be a good day. So, our newest member of Acquisitions brought in some homemade breakfast burritos, the Cataloguing Librarian brought a nice cake, someone else brought donuts, and plenty of orange juice and milk to go around plus a plate of fruit, and as the line goes, "a good time was had by all." Some of them talked about last night's American Idol. I was never much for reality shows, but then again, all I have to do is sit back and let them talk. I find out all I need to know in a more relaxed way than watching it. And we look around, and we see who is wearing their green, seeing most of us are.

Well, I probably should get back to work, get a few things done. On the upside, a big meeting we had was canceled. Not upside because the person running the meeting is out sick, but upside since we won't have to sit through a two hour meeting. It is going to be a good day if things up to this point are any indication. And I am looking forward to writing on.

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